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Bedlum is our own-distilled, Super-Premium rum. Bedlum is pot-distilled, dark Caribbean rum, hand-blended using natural flavours to give hints of pimento, vanilla, anise and coconut. Made to drink neat, but equally great when mixed.

Proudly, a product of Bent's, and of Eccleshall, UK.

Our launch edition is limited to 100 bottles and includes membership of the Bedlum club, which provides:

  • 10% off retail prices

  • 35ml for the price of 25ml at selected venues

  • exclusive access to special events and tastings

  • lots of other things!

Of course, you don't have to join the Bedlum club to enjoy Bedlum. You can secure your membership spot, or your bottle, by using the links below.

Limited to the first 100 purchasers, you will get:

  • Limited, Launch-Edition bottle (we suggest you lie this one down)

  • Bottle of the standard Bedlum

  • Lifetime-membership of the Bedlum club

  • Gold membership card, registered to you and which gives you access to exclusive member benefits as outlined above.




Buy one, two or more bottles of our standard Bedlum, spiced-rum for enjoyment at your leisure. An absolute joy to drink.



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